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We love to inspire people to lead an active life

Strength training as the basis for sport and exercise is pure joie de vivre. We are athletes and are therefore keen to keep training on the equipment as efficient as possible. This leaves more time for the fun things in life. Do you feel addressed? Then get in! We look forward to seeing you 😉

We follow a few simple principles in our daily work.

  • We believe in the influence of good design.
  • We build high-quality appliances that will outlive us.
  • We take our inspiration from athletes.
  • We like the expression “keep it simple”.
  • We mainly produce regionally (SWISS MADE).
  • We inspire people to lead an active and healthy life.

Swiss quality

Our own high quality standards are paramount. The EISENHORN is a Swiss product, built by people who stand behind the SWISS MADE label with conviction.

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Social commitment

Your EISENHORN is pre-assembled and packed by people with disabilities. With the purchase of an EISENHORN you make a small social contribution.

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The story

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It all began in 1987

As a twelve-year-old junior ski racer, Mike (the later founder of EISENHORN AG) realizes that he needs to build up more strength and muscle mass. Without further ado, he builds his own training equipment out of wooden boards and steel pipes and mounts it on a wall in his children’s room. So now he can train whenever he has time and feels like it.

1987 – 2010

Mike is a perfectionist and not satisfied with the function of his first device. Therefore, during more than 20 years, he constantly builds new devices, sketches ideas and discards them again. The motivation is always his own use. In the same period, he completes his education as a mechanical engineer and founds his own company for product design, engineering and prototyping in 2006.

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Winter 2010

The second son grows up. He, too, is an enthusiastic skier and successfully competes in his first races. History seems to repeat itself almost 30 years later. It is the motivation for Mike to further develop his equipment concept into a marketable product.

Mike writes the following features, which are most important to him, in his specifications.

At this point, no one can imagine how this is supposed to work:

Full body workout

Device that offers all the exercises known from the gym.

Minimum space requirement

The device should not take up more space than a houseplant.

Easy handling

Easy handling, which allows you to change exercises in seconds.

Exclusive design

A noble design, which allows the device to be mounted in the middle of the apartment.

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2010 – 2014

In four years, he builds another seven prototypes. He optimizes his concept in thousands of hours. He relies on intensive exchange with professional athletes, sports doctors and scientists. Thanks to intuition and the pursuit of perfection, something unique emerges.

“We have now delivered thousands of devices worldwide, delighting beginners and professionals alike. The feedback overwhelms us every day. Internally, we always say: we don’t have customers, we have fans. And to keep it that way, we do our best every day. Discover with us not just a device but a way of life. A good series of exercises every day awakens your spirits and works wonders. On behalf of the whole EISENHORN team, I wish you lots of fun training.”

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