Your chance

  • You train with EISENHORN

  • You want to motivate your community for it

  • You want to earn money with it

  • What are you waiting for…

Your benefits

  • Attractive provision

  • Effortless order processing

  • Risk-free and no extra costs

  • Personal Partner Login

  • Full control over your conversion


We are glad for your interest in working with our unique product.

This page explains the principle ouf our Affiliate Marketing program. At the bottom you will find the link to the application form.

The principle

You promote our training device in your community.

You will receive your personal affiliate link.

If a member of your community orders a device from us, the new customer will be assigned to your account (through the affiliate link).

You follow your sales success online.

Your advantages

Become successful by offering your community unique, high-quality product:

  • Business supported by professional affiliate platform.
  • Full transparency with your partner login.
  • Hardly any administrative effort – order processing is carried out by EISENHORN.
  • No capital tied up by warehousing, no risk.
  • 12 months postclick cookie runtime
  • Swiss quality product with strong arguments and great buyer potential


We provide you with an affiliate link, which you can integrate into your website or newsletter. If someone visits our website via your link, it will be automatically assigned to your account. The postclick cookie period is 12 months.


The commission amounts to several hundred francs or euros per device sold (depending on the invoice amount).

You can always find the current percentage on the Affiliate News Page.

The commission is calculated as a percentage of the net invoice amount of the end customer without delivery costs.

You will decide on the timing and rhythm of the payouts. You simply send us your bill according to your current referral list, which will be displayed by the system.

Special conditions

To become a EISENHORN Affiliate Partner your company must be in trade register.

The amount of commissions can be adjusted by us at any time. Changes will be announced at least 30 days in advance on theĀ Affiliate News Page.

We look forward to your application

You can only submit your application for an affiliate account online. An application will normally be processed within 10 working days. You will be notified by e-mail.

It is only possible to open an account if your company is in the trade register.

There are no other specific conditions; however, we reserve the right to reject an application without explanation.

Transparent system

After the registration and successful examination of your application, your account will be activated.

Just log in to see the whole overview. There is 100% transparency.

Thank you for your interest in an EISENHORN partnership, we will contact you as soon as possible...

Mike Schrag
Inventor & Founder