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The revolutionary EISENHORN brings the gym into your living room.

Decisively more effect with variable weight

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The weight on the EISENHORN is generated by an innovative and patented piston system. The weight generated by the piston, feels exactly the same as a classic device with weight plates. This means kilos in concentric as well as eccentric direction - adjustable via 2x12 steps between 4 and 112 kilos.

MIKE5 training concept

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Efficiently achieve your goals with MIKE5, a training plan that requires just 5 minutes daily. The MIKE5 training concept, inspired by elite sport, is a highly efficient method based on scientific findings. This workout promises optimal results with just 5…

the BIG 5 – motivating Big 5 training

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Due to the high number of muscles involved, the big 5 can be used for a highly efficient, time-saving workout. Anyone who wants to have an athletic, strong body in the long run cannot avoid these five basic exercises. In this section you will learn why it is advisable to spread the five exercises over five days of the week and plan only one exercise per day.

Intensity is a prerequisite

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When you train, you want change. Get fitter, leaner or more muscular. Whatever it is, in muscle training, change takes place outside of your comfort zone. It needs intensity, which leads to the fact that a training stimulus is set. In this post, you'll learn why a short workout is especially intense and effective.

Short and hard with periodization

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If you divide your training into phases that regularly put new stimuli on your body, you will steadily advance your development. If you don't do it and always train the same way, you won't make any progress after just a few weeks. In this post, you'll learn what periodization means and why it's so important for your daily short workout.

Efficiency through regularity

We all have one thing in common - whether professional athlete or beginner: we want to reach our goal as efficiently as possible. That is, to get the maximum out of the time we use. Only those who take into account the principle of supercompensation will achieve this. In this article you will learn why training rhythm (regularity) is more important than training volume.

Successful sledge assembly

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For safe transportation, the parts are packed individually and well protected. Printed assembly instructions are included in the delivery. The following video shows the individual assembly steps of the carriage in detail.

Initial assembly of the piston

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Note that the piston must be screwed firmly into the clamping axle. The cylinder base surface must be in full contact with the clamping axis. As a result, the piston pin will not be parallel to the toothing during initial…

Correct use of the blocker

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As its name suggests, the blocker completely blocks the horn and therefore also allows you to perform hanging exercises with your own body weight (e.g. pull-ups). However, the EN standard requires appropriate safety factors for this. For this reason, the…

activate MIKE5 Membership

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Inspired by elite sport and based on scientific findings, the MIKE5 training concept is a highly efficient training method that combines the key elements of training theory and promises optimum results with just 5 minutes of daily training. As a…


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The weight on the EISENHORN is generated by an innovative and patented piston system. The weight generated by the piston, feels exactly the same as a classic device with weight plates. That is, they are kilos in concentric and eccentric direction.