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Inspired by elite sport and based on scientific findings, the MIKE5 training concept is a highly efficient training method that combines the key elements of training theory and promises optimum results with just 5 minutes of daily training.

As a MIKE5 member, in addition to access to the weekly plan with the current MIKE5 interval, you benefit from ongoing periodization and cyclization of your training, a lifetime factory warranty on your EISENHORN and a permanent 25% discount on our training and workshop offers.

With your EISENHORN purchase, you benefit from a free 6-month MIKE5 Membership. You can easily activate it here.

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Deposit means of payment

In order to successfully activate your free MIKE5 Membership, you need to deposit a means of payment. However, no direct debit is made during the first 6 months. For administrative reasons, only credit cards are accepted as a means of payment.

Notice period

After the free 6 months have expired, your membership will continue automatically. You can cancel your MIKE5 Membership at any time, as there is no time limit and no minimum term.


Bear in mind that you will no longer profit from our benefits, such as the lifetime factory warranty, once you have terminated your membership or during a break in your membership.

and benefit from 6 months free membership

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The revolutionary EISENHORN brings the gym into your living room.