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Decisively more effect with variable weight

The weight on the EISENHORN is generated by an innovative and patented piston system. The weight generated by the piston, feels exactly the same as a classic device with weight plates. This means kilos in concentric as well as eccentric direction - adjustable via 2x12 steps between 4 and 112 kilos.

Feeling like with dumbbells, only better

The patented system offers you a decisive advantage that is otherwise only reserved for expensive special devices. In the lower levels (1-7) the weight is constant during the movement. So exactly the same as other devices with weight plates. In the upper weight range (from level 8) the principle of the increasing force curve is taken into account.

The weight increases slightly during the movement. This corresponds to the requirements of the movement sequences for the most important basic exercises such as deadlifts, squats and bench presses. This will give you better muscle utilization throughout the entire range of motion and therefore a higher impact with each workout.

Manuel Guyer – World Champion Natural Bodybuilding

Learning from the pros

Experienced strength athletes have long known the effect of the ascending strength curve. For example, professionals train with chains on the barbell, which provoke exactly this effect. The weight that we can move depends on the joint angle.

The force that can be applied during an exercise varies over the range of motion. This creates a theoretically optimal force curve for each movement. The consideration of the rising strength curve unfolds its full effect especially with the most important basic exercises such as squats, deadlifts and bench press.

Everyone wants to get the most out of their workout with every repetition. This is achieved by maintaining the overload in the upper half of the movement. To achieve this, the weight must increase over the range of motion. Research into ascending strength curve training has shown that using this modality in your training is a safe way to improve your strength and speed in the exercises mentioned.

The values for the two pistons

The training weight on the EISENHORN is adjusted via 2×12 levels. The standard piston 12 offers 4 to 51kg, the stronger piston 26 up to 112kg weight.

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The revolutionary EISENHORN brings the gym into your living room.