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How I stay fit despite my busy schedule

Thanks to my EISENHORN I save time and can train efficiently with a minimum of time.

Written by Marcus Diekmann 2023/06/01

Marcus Diekmann, Unternehmer und Teilzeit CEO

Marcus Diekmann, Entrepreneur and CEO

As an entrepreneur, shareholder and active advisory board member of ROSE Bikes, I am always on the move. I strive for excellence professionally, athletically and personally.

To withstand the daily challenges, strength and endurance are important for me. It is important for me to be physically and mentally fit in order to be able to deliver top professional performance. Regular strength training not only helps me to build muscle, but also to develop my mental power. Strength training allows me to maintain my concentration and mental focus for longer periods of time. This is crucial for my professional success. The compact design of the EISENHORN allows me to do my strength training in an environment that suits me. This way, even if it is sometimes only for a very short time, I can train in a focused and undisturbed manner.

As a product-savvy entrepreneur, I am fascinated by how much engineering is behind the EISENHORN. You can feel the high-quality construction during every training session.

Regular strength training is also an effective way to reduce stress: An ongoing topic among entrepreneurs and managers. During my training sessions at the EISENHORN I can balance myself mentally and emotionally. This makes me feel fit and strong in both my professional and personal life.

Having a strength training machine at home has huge benefits for me.

A big advantage of EISENHORN and strength training at home is the time saved: as a busy entrepreneur, I have little time for extended training sessions. I always strive to optimize my workday to the maximum. With the EISENHORN I save exactly this valuable time and have an efficient whole body workout with everything I need.

The EISENHORN is my ideal strength training equipment and integrates perfectly into my busy everyday life.

Exercise equipment at home is more than just a substitute for the gym for me. The flexibility to train when and how long I want is a great added value. What fascinates me is the user-friendliness of the EISENHORN. The strength training equipment takes up only 2m² of space, can be integrated into any living concept thanks to its exclusive design and scores with very easy handling: I can switch between the strength exercises in seconds and adjust the training weight to my fitness level and the shape of the day.

My favorite exercises on the EISENHORN
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Strength training at EISENHORN has improved my cycling performance.

Cycling is another balance to my professional life. However, as an avid cyclist, I know how important it is to strengthen different muscle groups to improve performance here as well.

I stand for ‘forward’ and give professionally always gas, even on the road bike, for this I need a good 360 degree musculature and I create that ideally with my EISENHORN.

With the EISENHORN, I can perform a comprehensive full-body workout that is tailored to my exact needs. From chest and back exercises for improved posture to extensive leg training for my beloved cycling. The EISENHORN offers me over 100 strength exercises that I can use according to my needs.

Since I have been training with the EISENHORN, I have increased my physical and mental performance and feel more energetic and resilient. I can recommend the EISENHORN to everyone.

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