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How I stay in top shape as a working mom!

As a mother of two active young ladies, there is often little time for extensive workouts. But with the EISENHORN I can integrate an intensive workout into my everyday life at any time.

For me, the total body workout comes first. This approach provides an efficient way to train all muscle groups in one workout. The EISENHORN allows me to do just that, and I am thrilled with the variety of exercises I can do with it. I especially love the intentional “instability” of the EISENHORN. It provides an additional challenge to my muscles, improving my stability and deep muscles.

With my busy schedule as a working mom of two active kids, sometimes there isn’t much time for an extensive workout. The EISENHORN is therefore perfect for me because I can integrate it into my everyday life at any time. It saves me the time of going to a gym and allows me to work out effectively even during short breaks or in between.

A great development that I am observing is that my two very sporty daughters are becoming more and more enthusiastic about the EISENHORN. It is now becoming our family sports equipment, and we motivate each other.

The ease of use of the EISENHORN and the many possibilities it offers never fail to inspire me. I can adapt the device to my training needs regardless of how much time I have available for a training session. Whether I have only 10 minutes or a whole hour, the EISENHORN gives me an intensive and effective workout.

As a busy mother, I can now train effectively at any time and keep my body in top shape. I can recommend it to any fitness enthusiast looking for a time-saving yet highly effective training solution. Try the EISENHORN and experience for yourself the progress and enthusiasm it will bring to your life!

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Carmen Fillistorf

Trainer, fitness model and mother