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How the EISENHORN enriches my life

In the midst of her hectic working life and her travels, the EISENHORN has become an indispensable companion. In this article, we find out how Valentina uses the EISENHORN to stay fit and healthy.

The perfect balance of design and functionality:

As I really appreciate aesthetics and design, the EISENHORN inspired me right from the start. Its stylish and modern appearance fits perfectly into my home. It’s not just a simple piece of fitness equipment, but a real gem that turns my exercise routine into an aesthetic experience. The EISENHORN is nothing like boring fitness equipment: its appearance alone makes you want to work out. And the design is really stylish and functional at the same time.

Efficient training for an active life:

As a working actress, I often only have limited time for my training. Between filming dates and packing my suitcase, I sometimes didn’t make it to the gym, even though health and fitness are very important to me. The EISENHORN gave me the time saving I desperately needed. No awkward weight changes or long breaks between exercises – I can move seamlessly from one exercise to the next. This makes my training more efficient and I can do something for my body even on hectic days. It’s my personal home gym that gives me precious time.

Versatility and variety:

What I particularly like about the training is the versatility of the EISENHORN. I can do 100 different exercises with just one device, which means I can always target different parts of my body. The EISENHORN offers me a great full-body workout with lots of flexibility and variety. I never get bored training with the EISENHORN.

EISENHORN has enriched my life in many ways. It offers me great flexibility and time savings and has taken my training to a new level. This makes me even healthier and fitter. Thanks to the EISENHORN, I have the energy to cope well with my everyday life as an actress. My back is particularly grateful.

My conclusion:

Whether you’re a busy professional, parent or simply a fitness enthusiast – the EISENHORN is a great addition to an active and healthy life for everyone!

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Valentina Pahde

Valentina Victoria Pahde (born October 4, 1994 in Munich) is a German actress and singer. She played the role of Sunny Richter in the soap opera "Gute Zeiten, schlechte Zeiten" from 2015 to 2023.