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My home workout as a Natural Bodybuilder

During times of lockdown, it was difficult for many of us to maintain our fitness routines. I too was looking for a home fitness machine that could replace a full gym. That's when the EISENHORN came in handy.

The first thing I noticed was the adjustable weight. I was surprised how much is possible there. When I wanted to try the shoulder press, I set it directly to level 12 and thought I could press the horn up with no problem. But I was quickly proven wrong, because it didn’t move a millimeter. From that moment on, I knew that the EISENHORN was the right device for me.

I had not experienced this feeling of resistance with any other device!

From then on, I could do bench presses, shoulder presses, squats, lat pulldowns, deadlifts and many more exercises at home. The feeling I had was unique. I had not experienced this feeling of pressure with any other device. On my way to becoming a bodybuilding world champion, I had already tried out a few home gym machines, but none could keep up with the EISENHORN in this respect.

Thanks to VRT (Variable Resistance Training) I have an indescribable feeling at the EISENHORN

Especially in the basic exercises, the VRT system comes into its own. That is simply ingenious. In gyms, this effect can often only be achieved with the use of weight chains, which is very cumbersome and time-consuming. In the EISENHORN, this is integrated in every repetition from level 8. VRT creates an indescribable feeling and ensures that your muscle is optimally utilized over the entire range of motion. Especially with the essential basic exercises such as squats, deadlifts and bench presses, the full effect on the muscles becomes apparent when training with VRT. Sore muscles for more than a week were not uncommon. The muscle is loaded and exhausted much more extensively. This is otherwise only reserved for special, very expensive devices.

The full effect of training with VRT (Variable Resistance Training) is particularly evident in the essential basic exercises such as squats, deadlifts and bench presses.

In the meantime, I have opened my own studio as a personal trainer. The EISENHORN now also inspires my customers here every day. Someone who sees the device for the first time often asks where the weight is packed on here. I always look forward to that a bit and smile. I tell them to just go for it and feel it for themselves. That’s when the big awakening always comes.

My favorite exercise always varies a bit, but currently I find the standing lat pulldown just incredible. I can only recommend the EISENHORN. If you are looking for a complete home gym, then EISENHORN is definitely the best choice. It is easy to use and offers unique training experiences. You won’t regret it!

If you’re looking for a complete home gym, then the EISENHORN is definitely the best choice!

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Manuel Guyer

Weltmeister im Natural Bodybuilding, Personal Trainer & EISENHORN-Fan der ersten Stunde.