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Why we rely on EISENHORN at TRIM-FIT

Thanks to the many exercises that are possible on the EISENHORN, I can create customized full-body workouts for my clients on just one machine, taking into account both their performance level and their individual needs.

Nicole Trimmel Training at the EISENHORN

As a former kickboxing world champion, I use my experience and expertise from elite sport to help others on their way to a healthier, more active lifestyle, as a personal trainer at TRIM-FIT and as a keynote speaker.

Even during my “active” time, I had the desire to pass on my knowledge and passion for weight training and health to others to inspire and support them on their way to a more active life. This year, this long-awaited dream finally became reality with the founding of TRIM-FIT. This is where I can use my ability to move and motivate people on a daily basis.

Quality is our top priority

TRIM-FIT is a personal fitness facility that is characterized by its special ambience. It is located in a low-energy house with lots of wood and plenty of natural light. Here we offer our customers an exclusive location where they can concentrate fully on their training. This is why the EISENHORN, with its high quality and elegant, space-saving design, fits perfectly into the ambience of our studio.

However, it is not only in the furnishings and ambience but also in our training approaches that we attach particular importance to quality and innovation. With the EISENHORN, we are geared towards designing optimal training courses in line with our values. Because our main concern is that our customers not only make physical progress, but also have fun during their training sessions so that they can lead a sporty and active life in the long term.

TRIM-FIT fitness studio with EISENHORN

The concept and versatility of the EISENHORN convinced me right from the start

As soon as I saw the EISENHORN for the first time, it was clear to me that it would fit perfectly into the TRIM-FIT. It covers a very wide range of exercises that appeal to both beginners and experienced athletes. This allows me to meet the individual needs of all my clients without overcrowding my studio with a variety of equipment. Thanks to the simple handling of the EISENHORN, I can even let beginners train on their own after a short time.

An innovative training device for everyone

The training experience offered by the EISENHORN differs from conventional fitness equipment. The combination of guided exercises and the innovative piston system is unique and enables exercisers of all experience levels to train safely and effectively. It also requires a certain amount of body tension and control when performing the exercises.

I consider the guided exercises to be a great advantage, especially for beginners, as they are often already extremely challenged with coordination at the beginning. Training with free weights such as barbells can quickly become overwhelming and dangerous.

The generation of the weight by the gas pressure spring is also unique and cannot be compared with conventional weights. This ensures even resistance when performing the exercises, making training much more efficient. Any athlete, no matter how ambitious, will reach their performance limits with the additional piston.

Man adjusting weights on the EISENHORN

With the EISENHORN you have everything you need for a sporty and active life at home – I can recommend it with a clear conscience!

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Nicole Trimmel

Mehrfache Welt- und Europameisterin im Kickboxen und Inhaberin von TRIM-FIT Personal Fitness.