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Why we do not compromise on function and quality

The question is, do you want to train properly and achieve goals or just ease the conscience and buy something cheap on the net. If you want the former, EISENHORN is the place for you.

With the EISENHORN you get a professional machine in massive construction with all relevant functions for a comprehensive and varied training of your entire musculature. Specifically including all the basic exercises like bench press, squats, lat and row pull, shoulder press and deadlift. These are match critical to achieving your goals. Only a construction based on the best possible materials allows the perfect ergonomics and a long-term smooth execution of these demanding exercises.

A whole fleet of equipment

If you wanted to perform the same function with other equipment, the shopping list would look like this: a leg press, a barbell rack with a barbell bar and many weight plates, a weight bench, a sling trainer, a dumbbell set, a lat pulldown machine, a pull-up bar and a pulley machine. Apart from the high investment costs, the corresponding space would then also have to be available.

Our device measures up to the needs of professionals

Our clients include world champions and top athletes from various sports, as well as professionals from the fields of sports medicine and physiotherapy. For us, this means: We build a device that meets the highest demands – both those of top athletes and those of beginners.

Our products:

  • bestehen ausschliesslich aus massiv gefertigten Teilen und sind damit praktisch unzerstörbar,
  • fühlen sich auch nach Jahren intensiven Gebrauchs geschmeidig wie am ersten Tag an,
  • bieten die Ergonomie, wie sie Leistungssportler mit hohem Funktionsanspruch fordern,
  • schonen Ressourcen, da du sie praktisch ohne Wartungsaufwand ewig nutzen kannst,
  • ermöglichen die ursprüngliche Ausführungsform der Grundübungen und bieten dir damit ein unerreicht effizientes Training,
  • werden von Menschen gebaut, die mit Überzeugung hinter dem Label SWISS MADE stehen.

In other words: We provide you with a high quality training device with which you can train for a lifetime with a lot of pleasure. If you include the design and the associated service life in your calculation, it quickly becomes clear that the price-performance ratio of our devices is unique.

Strength training as the basis for a healthy lifestyle

We believe that strength training is the most important basis for a healthy lifestyle. We produce a device for people who share this opinion and value high-quality construction. Are you one of them? Then we look forward to welcoming you to EISENHORN as one of our happy customers!