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Heinz Frei Wheelchair user and professional athlete

The EISENHORN fitness equipment has been a faithful companion for me as a competitive wheelchair athlete for almost seven years. When I first saw the device, I was very curious about what it could do. And after the first few repetitions, I was immediately convinced.

Written by Heinz Frei 01.04.2023

Heinz Frei

The versatility of the EISENHORN

Easy to use without transfer

The best thing about the EISENHORN is that wheelchair users can use it quite easily without having to make a transfer. This not only saves time, but also energy. You can just drive up in your wheelchair and start training. This barrier-free accessibility is a great advantage for people with physical limitations.

Training of different muscle groups

The EISENHORN offers a variety of possibilities to train different muscle groups. I can use the device both sitting and lying on a bench, depending on my individual needs. Even lying down, I can adjust the weight, which would be impossible with conventional weight plates. This opens up new training opportunities for me and allows me to work specifically on my arm, shoulder, chest, back and abdominal muscles.

Deep muscle training for everyday athletes

Due to the intentionally flexible design of the EISENHORN, most exercises also work the deep muscles. This is particularly helpful in optimally preparing the body for the challenges of everyday athletic life. Deep muscle training improves stability and balance and helps prevent injuries from falls or unpredictable movements. This allows you to significantly increase your physical performance.

Why the EISENHORN is unique

Versatility and flexibility

The EISENHORN is unique in its versatility and flexibility. I have never seen another piece of equipment that gives me so many opportunities to improve my fitness and flexibility. Whether in the gym, at home or while traveling, the EISENHORN can always be used and enables an effective workout.

Easy operation and cool design

In addition to its functionality, the EISENHORN also convinces with its simple operation. The weights are easy to adjust and the exercises are intuitive to perform. Moreover, the device also looks cool and attracts attention. The EISENHORN thus combines functionality with appealing design.


Overall, the EISENHORN is the perfect fitness equipment for wheelchair athletes who want an effective and versatile workout. It offers barrier-free access, numerous exercise options and promotes body stability and performance. The EISENHORN has personally helped me achieve my fitness goals and continuously improve. Therefore I can highly recommend it to all wheelchair athletes