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MIKE5 training concept

Efficiently achieve your goals with MIKE5, a training plan that requires just 5 minutes daily.

The MIKE5 training concept, inspired by elite sport, is a highly efficient method based on scientific findings. This workout promises optimal results with just 5 minutes of daily training. It combines key elements of exercise science, including proper exercises, intensity, regularity, periodization and efficiency to promote strength gains, toned muscles, reduced body fat and a strong back. Success is especially evident through short, regular sessions. However, the success of MIKE5 depends on the correct implementation of all the above aspects.

Derived from elite sports

One thing first: if you’ve read the following four pages, talk to the fittest athlete you know. Preferably with a professional who has a broad knowledge of sports. He will confirm the efficiency of the MIKE5 training plan. Our MIKE5 training concept is absolutely unique. However, the individual elements are anything but new. The concept is based on scientific findings, which have been known for decades. You’ll get the best results possible with just 5 minutes of daily training. Note, however, that MIKE5 will only work if all the factors described below are interlocked.

More success with short training sessions

Our promise: The shorter you plan the training, the greater your successes. We are sure that you have not experienced muscle training in such an efficient way. It’s all about the right exercises, the intensity and the regularity of the training sessions. Further, periodization, efficiency and the resulting motivation are important factors. MIKE5 combines the most important principles of training theory so skillfully that nothing stands in the way of your strength gain, toned muscles, less body fat and a strong back.

4 pages – reading time: 10 minutes