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The weight is generated on the EISENHORN by an innovative piston. The weight generated by the piston, feels exactly the same as a classic device with weight plates. That is, they are kilos in concentric and eccentric direction.

When I train at home, I am the best role model for my daughter

James Wood Squat
I am a fitness expert with a solid background in sports science. I have been working in the fitness industry for over 25 years and have gained a lot of experience during this time. In 2007 I decided to set up my own personal training business in the London/UK area to have more freedom and flexibility. I have been an enthusiastic EISENHORN customer for a few months now and would like to tell you how it came about.

The EISENHORN requires minimal space

EISENHORN Platzbedarf

The EISENHORN requires minimal space Before and after the workout, the device occupies virtually no space. In 5 seconds it is stowed and just as quickly ready for use again. The EISENHORN requires just 2 square meters of space On…

Can I test the EISENHORN?

We are often asked, "can I test the EISENHORN "? The answer beforehand: yes, you can test the EISENHORN extensively. You can find out how in this blog.