Definition Of Intensity

The term intensity (expressed as a percentage) is sometimes used differently in muscle training. It is important for you to understand what exactly is meant by this indication in the MIKE5 workout. Your training success is directly dependent on it.

The intensity refers to the selected resistance with regard to the repetition maximum (1RM). This means the level of the selected load in percent of the maximum load with which only a single repetition can be performed.

We relate the intensity to the maximum load in relation to the given interval. This is a slight variation of the definition from training theory.

It means that at a required intensity of 100%, at the end of the specified exercise time (interval), you cannot do a single further repetition. The muscle fails to do its job.

That would mean that you are already severely challenged. However, it would be possible for you to go further. Namely 20% longer than the time the interval lasts.

You can rely on your feeling and do not have to measure these values exactly. However, it is important that you learn to reach the 100%. These are the sets where you achieve an effective training stimulus.


We use the term intensity in the MIKE5 workout in relation to the given interval. The information given is a guidance and not an exact scientific statement. It is always a matter of going through different phases of muscle activation so that an effective training stimulus is set at the end. It is important to understand the definition of intensity in the MIKE5 workout. Your training success depends on it.