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Unlock a stronger tomorrow

Made in Switzerland with precision

Bringing exercise home to help you get stronger for life.

Realise your performance potential with tried and tested strength training techniques.
Setting up

Simple to setup and mountable almost anywhere, EISENHORN® seamlessly integrates into your living space and routine, offering access to strength training wherever and whenever suits you.

Full Body Workout

You workout every muscle on your body in countless different ways.

Minimum Space Requirement

Gym on two square meters. Mounting is possible everywhere.

Easy Handling

You change position and resistance for the next exercise in seconds.

Exclusive Design

An EISENHORN can be integrated into any living space with the optional design cabinet.

With every movement, you feel the high-quality construction. Even after years of intensive training, it feels as smooth as on the first day. The machine is uncompromisingly designed for durability.

Take 15 minutes to discover the MIKE5 workout concept. It may change your life.

Inspired by mountains, nature and lots of fresh air