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Lat pull on the chest


Fix the carriage at head height. The handle bar is just within reach with outstretched arms.

Starting position

Grasp the bar with an overhand grip and stand so that your body is leaning slightly backwards.


Pull the handlebar slowly and evenly up to your chest.


Make sure to pull your elbows back and maintain body tension at all times.


The grip width can be varied for this exercise. The exercise can also be performed with the underhand grip.


Primary muscle


Secondary muscle


Basic exercise for a strong back

Efficient back training in the Home Gym

EISENHORN is ideal for lat pulldown to the chest in the home gym. The weight range of 4-112 kg allows both beginners and experienced strength athletes to train the exercise effectively with ergonomic movement.

Lat pull on the EISENHORN

The EISENHORN is ideal for training the back, shoulder and arm muscles in the home gym. There are different variants of the lat pull and its alternatives.

Advantages of the lat pull

Lat pulldown to chest is an excellent exercise to strengthen the upper back and arm muscles while improving performance in other strength exercises. The lat pulldown to the chest can also help improve posture. By training the muscles responsible for an upright posture, regular lat pulls can contribute to an upright and more confident appearance.

Correct execution of lat pulldowns

To correctly perform the lat pulldown to the chest, stand shoulder width in front of the machine or alternatively sit on a bench or chair so that the bar or lever hangs slightly in front of your head about an arm’s length away. To perform the exercise, you now grab the bar with a wide grip, lean back slightly and pull the grip bar down towards your chest. The shoulder blades contract and the pulling force comes primarily from the upper back muscles.

The shoulders remain pulled back down throughout the exercise and the torso always tense. To complete the lat pulldown, slowly return the bar to the starting position in a controlled manner. To decrease or increase the difficulty of the exercise, the weight and the number of repetitions can be varied.

Special attention to be paid during execution

When executing the lat pulldown, it is particularly important to avoid working with momentum and to pull evenly and in a controlled manner. It is important to maintain proper form throughout the exercise. The upper body must not lean too far back to avoid injury to the lower back. Likewise, bending the head forward or curves in the upper back should be avoided.

Muscles used during lat pulldown to chest

The lat pulldown to the chest mainly works the latissimus dorsi muscles, which are located on both sides of the back and provide a “V-shape” to the back. The exercise also trains the shoulder muscles and biceps. Specifically, the wide “lat” back muscle (musculus latissimus dorsi) and the lower fibers of the hood muscle (musculus trapezius pars ascendens) are trained. The large and small rhomboid muscles (musculus rhomboideus minor et major) and the large round muscle (musculus teres major) are also heavily used. The back extensor (musculus erector spinae), biceps (musculus biceps brachii) and arm flexor (musculus brachialis) provide support.

Conclusion lat pulldown to the chest

The lat pulldown to the chest is an important strength exercise that works a variety of muscles and should not be missing from any workout plan. Effectively training these muscles can help improve performance in other basic and upper body exercises such as the bench press or pull-up. Furthermore, lat pulldowns contribute to improved posture and overall physical fitness.

The essential

EISENHORN is the compact strength station for your home gym that gives beginners, pros and everyone in between hundreds of workout options with weights from 4-112 kg.

Perfect training on the EISENHORN

With EISENHORN you train like on a classic machine with weight plates. In particular, you can perform all the classic basic exercises with EISENHORN, just like with a barbell. Basic exercises ("BIG 5") are the basis of any efficient strength training due to the complex movement sequences.


You can order your EISENHORN conveniently in our online shop and have it delivered directly to your home. We deliver internationally directly from our factory in Switzerland.