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Front squats (front squats)


Fix the carriage in the middle of the column and insert the handle bar.

Starting position

Adjust the height so that the handlebar is in a low squatting position slightly above the chest. Keep your feet firmly on the floor, hip-width apart. The hands grip the horn a little more than shoulder width. Press your elbows forward under the handlebar.


Using leg power to stand up. The center of gravity is placed slightly forward. The back remains straight and under tension. The view is straight ahead.


Use a low stool to reach under the handlebar from a sitting position (height approx. 30cm)


The foot position can be shifted slightly forward or backward.


The squat is a technically demanding exercise. We recommend learning these with light resistance.

Primary muscle


Secondary muscle

Back, Po

The essential

EISENHORN is the compact strength station for your home gym that gives beginners, pros and everyone in between hundreds of workout options with weights from 4-112 kg.

Perfect training on the EISENHORN

With EISENHORN you train like on a classic machine with weight plates. In particular, you can perform all the classic basic exercises with EISENHORN, just like with a barbell. Basic exercises ("BIG 5") are the basis of any efficient strength training due to the complex movement sequences.


You can order your EISENHORN conveniently in our online shop and have it delivered directly to your home. We deliver internationally directly from our factory in Switzerland.