Single leg press

Muscles: Legs, Butt


Lock the sledge so that with leg bent you can lie underneath the EISENHORN.

Starting Position

One leg is bend and placed at the tip of the EISENHORN with the ball of the foot.The other leg is bent and positioned firmly on the floor. Back is flat on the floor – not arched. Arms are relaxed and stretched out to the sides.


With pressure coming from the thigh, move the leg slowly and smoothly up until it is almost extended. At the end of the movement, straighten the foot as far as you can. Then smoothly return to the starting position (stop before releasing point and repeat, so that your muscles stay under pressure during whole performance).


This exercise will clearly show weaknesses in the muscle chain. This manifests itself by jerky movement when lowering the EISENHORN. After some training, this will improve to a smooth, flowing movement.