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From beginners and amateur athletes to competitive or professional athletes. Anyone regardless of their physical condition can train with the EISENHORN. All settings can be flexibly adjusted depending on the strength and body size. The device is also very popular with physiotherapists and personal trainers.

EISENHORN is a full body training device! All parts of the body and every muscle can be trained in a targeted and varied way.

Whether muscle building, strength, weight reduction, good figure or just for the better health.

For the most important standard exercises, a minimum floor area of 1.2m x 1.5m is sufficient. Continue reading …. readmore …

The device can be operated effortlessly even by children under the supervision of adults. All important parameters such as the positioning of the carriage and the selection of the resistance level can simply be done. In the exercise database you will also find a description of many exercises.

The EISENHORN can be mounted on any wall with only four 6mm diameter screws. Also on drywall and wooden walls. This is made possible by the long and rigid aluminum profile, which distributes the load over the entire wall height. Here you can find more information about the montage.

Ideal is a ceiling height of 2.15 meters or more. It is also possible to mount the EISENHORN in rooms less than 2.15 meters. Absolute minimum is 1.89 meters. You will have small restrictions during few exercises. The restrictions depend essentially on the body size of the exercising person.

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