"Creating good things takes time".
Mike Schrag
Inventor & Founder

Winter 1987

As a twelve year old downhill skier, Mike realised that he has to built up a bit more strength and muscle. He knew that this would only be reachable with regular weight-training. Without further ado, he built his first own exercise machine from wood panels and steel pipes, and mounted it on a wall in his bedroom. From then on, he was able to workout whenever he wanted.

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1987 - 2010

He has always been a perfectionist and was not satisfied with the function of his first device. Therefore he has been constantly building new equipment, sketching ideas and discarding them again. The motivation was always the own use of it. In the same period he completed his education as a mechanical engineer and in 2006 he founded his own product design company. 


Since, business was going well and he had the resources to rediscover his device. Still a keen sports fan, he returned to the idea of a fitness device suitable for home use. This time he started the project in a professional way, by first clearly defining his vision.


Mike wrote the following almost incredible combination of USP’s in his specifications:

Full Body Workout

Device that offers all the exercise possibilities known from the gym.

Easy Handling

Simple and fast handling, which enables to change from one exercice to the other in secondes.

Space Requirement

Not bigger than a medium sized houseplant.


A design that makes it possible to mount the device as a decorative element in the apartment.

2010 - 2014

In four years Mike build another seven prototypes. He optimized his concept in thousands of hours. Thanks to intuition and striving for the best combination of function and design something unique was born. In March 2013, he filed for a first international patent. In December 2014, a second patent followed. In the same period of time he founded the company EISENHORN and sold his product design company.

2015 - 2016

The company sells the first devices. With a still very modest company structure, a three-digit number of units is already achieved in the first year. In the following year, sales were doubled.


In the first quarter of 2017, 5 times more devices are sold than in the same quarter of the previous year. The process of industrialization is progressing and the selling price can be lowered at the end of the summer. As a result, production capacity had to be doubled again in the fourth quarter. 


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