Empfehlung zu 4-50-80


The work and rest times in this interval are in the ratio 5:8. The rest is long and the mental load is therefore not very high. You can fully concentrate on a high mechanical muscle tension. By choosing the optimal strength levels (see below) you will perform at least the last two sets at your absolute limit.

Warm up 80%
Give more 90%
Go to your limit 100%
Once again, give it all 100%

Strength Levels

For the first set, start two levels below your previous maximum. For example, if your highest resistance for the exercise was level 8, you would start at level 6. Then try to hold this level. Reduce by one level when the power is no longer sufficient. The illustration shows a possible sequence of the 4 sets.

Try to maintain the chosen level over the next few weeks over more and more sets. This until you can pull through sets 1-4 at the same level. Then you increase one level on set 1 and the whole thing starts all over again.

A short warm-up series is always recommended. You can do the exercise at a lower strength level for 30-60 seconds in a controlled manner and at a low execution speed. This way you will achieve a good blood circulation in the muscles.

Choose the speed so that you do a minimum of 12 and a maximum of 16 repetitions in the 50 seconds.