The power of the centre

Core training to improve body stability by training the muscles in the central part of the human body is very important. As a welcome side effect, a well-trained torso just looks good.

For example, do a core exercise first thing in the morning and start the day with good body tension. Alternatively, you can do the exercise before or after your daily BIG 5 MINUTES. Below you will find three suggestions per weekday.

Big impact

The core training consists of complex exercises. The aim is to stress whole muscle chains and to control them from the body centre. The Core Training causes:

  • a general increase in performance due to the optimal transmission of power through the centre of the body.
  • an improvement of the general body stability and acts preventively against back problems.
  • an optimal posture and a feeling for “good” movement sequences in everyday life and during sports.
  • the development of a positive body awareness and a generally positive body tension (e.g. when sitting).
  • that the risk of injury during sports is reduced preventively through improved movement sequences.