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Start smart

Please take a moment to read the following notes. That way nothing will stand in the way of your success. You will discover a training system that will sustainably raise your fitness to new heights.
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Less is more

With the MIKE5 workout concept, you only plan one exercise per day. The shorter you keep the workout, the more focused you are. This means that you can achieve a high intensity and thus set an effective training stimulus in your muscle. In the first months, regularity is much more important than training volume. Start with the interval for beginners.
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Stay tuned

During the first month, carry out a written self-check and tick off each day (Mon – Fri) with a green tick on the control sheet. Force yourself to do this for one month. After that it will not be necessary anymore because you will feel the results and your motivation will increase by itself. The Big 5 become a daily routine like brushing your teeth.
Recommendation 3

Request assistance

You have installed a great device. Don’t skimp on support if you need it. For most questions, a short telephone appointment is enough. And if you want personal training, we can offer it in a web meeting.
Recommendation 5

Efficient training

With the MIKE5 concept you achieve a good stimulation of all muscle groups with a meaningful overlap of the same. At the same time, an optimal recovery rhythm of the muscles is given. It is best to read the principles of the MIKE5 workout concept from time to time. It only works if you take into account all the elements described.
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