The most important element for your training success

Why must the interval be changed regularly? Because this is the most important thing of all to achieve training success. The principle of periodization refers to the systematic and planned design of the training process with the aim of achieving the highest level of athletic performance. If you permanently train at the limit of your performance capacity with the same interval, there is a danger that the organism will permanently slip into a catabolic phase and you will stagnate. We don’t want that and that’s why periodic training phases consciously incorporate phases of temporary loss of top form in one area (e.g. strength endurance). This is done by changing the intensity or scope of the training or by using different training stimuli. The MIKEPLAN focuses on changing the interval. This allows us to move in a new range of intensity for the muscle and this planned change in training requirements leads to a long-term and sustainable increase in performance in all areas (maximum strength, strength endurance, etc.).┬áTherefore always follow the current interval.