This workout plan guarantees you maximum effect with minimum expenditure of time.

Result: massiv increase in strength, toned muscles, less body fat and a strong back.

Short and intense

It is phenomenal what effect regular short strength training has physically and mentally. The time it takes to do this is almost negligible.


The BIG 5 MINUTES will lead to your top form because this 5 minute plan is practicable and you will follow through. It is not the volume of training, but the right exercises, regularity, intensity and periodization that make the difference.

Intensity is essential

With the MIKEPLAN you will understand what intensity means in strength training. You will immediately understand why you should limit it to only five minutes. Because that is the exact key to your success.

Assistance exercises

On days when you feel like doing more, you can supplement your training with the ASSISTANCE EXERCISES. The exercises are optional and not decisive for your development. Much more important is that you reach the required intensity in the BIG 5 MINUTES and do them throughout the year.


The MIKEPLAN is based on the origins of strength training and on scientific facts that have been known for decades. The only revolutionary thing is that you can do it in your living room with minimal space requirements.


The core training to improve body stability by training the muscles in the central body part can be integrated into your training at any time.

Brutal mental

The positive influence of strength training on your mental well-being has been proven beyond doubt in many studies. We won’t go into explaining the impact on your mental strength here. You’ll feel it yourself after a short time.


The EISENHORN offers you endless possibilities for your personal- or athletic training to customize your training specifically to your needs. We recommend that you work with an experienced trainer.

More power, more fun in life

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