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Mounting is also possible on wooden or lightweight walls

The EISENHORN can be mounted on any wall with only six screws. Even drywall and wood walls are no problem. This is made possible by the long and rigid profile, which distributes the load over the entire wall height.

Plenty of safety margin

During the standard tests, the device is loaded with over 400kg. These tests are performed on various common wall types (concrete, brick, lightweight walls, aerated concrete). Special attention should be paid to the blocker, with which the device can be completely blocked (e.g. for pull-ups). In this case, the EN standard reasonably requires appropriate safety factors. Therefore, the use of the blocker is permitted up to a body weight of 100kg. For all other exercises (without blocking), the user weight is irrelevant.

Can you mount it yourself?

Yes you can. The screws and dowels included in the delivery can be used in 95% of cases (concrete, brick, wood or drywall). If you have a special wall material that is not described in the assembly instructions, then call us. Our installation specialists will always find a solution. If you prefer not to do the installation yourself, we recommend you to hire a craftsman from your area.

To be observed with concrete wall

Concrete is a closed volume. Here it is important to completely remove the dust in the drill hole before inserting the dowel. It is not enough to vacuum with a vacuum cleaner. The drill hole must be blown out. If you do not have compressed air or a pump at hand, you can do this with a straw. This is important so that the dowel and screw have enough space in the hole.

Six screws in a row

The six screws are distributed in a row over the entire height of the column. The dowels have a diameter of 8 and the drilling depth is 80 millimetres. Accordingly, only small holes are created, which can be closed again very easily, e.g. when moving house.