Coupon Code

Take the opportunity to advertise for EISENHORN with your personal voucher code. It is a very simple but highly efficient tool for your sales promotion. See the important note at the bottom of this page.

A coupon code can be entered when purchasing an item in our webshop. The corresponding input field appears in the shopping cart. If a customer enters your code in the shopping cart, the purchase will be assigned to your account and you will receive the corresponding sales commission.

To open your personal coupon code, contact us at partnersupport@eisenhorn.com ! The creation of your first code is free. Please think of a meaningful name (short and crisp). This could be the name of your company. The code should be as simple and memorable as possible.

Your partner account will be automatically credited with the sales commission after the customer’s payment has been received. The amount of the commission can be changed by EISENHORN at any time.

Simply everywhere: Online on your website, in your e-mail signature, on WhatsApp, printed on your flyer or in your brochure, verbally in a conversation at the regulars’ table -> there are no limits to its use.

Important note

It is your own responsibility to ensure that you use the tools and apply them in a goal-oriented manner. A manual assignment of commissions (e.g. on call from you) is not possible.