Present your customers with something surprising, something unique. They will leave your store with a smile on their face and be grateful that they were able to discover this unique product with you.

Our sophisticated partner system offers you many advantages over the classic trade (which we do not do).

your advice is valuable

Thanks to your competent advice, customers will spontaneously buy an EISENHORN from you. Others who want to think about it and decide to buy it at a later date will do so anyway. Our modern IT infrastructure ensures this.

Price stability

The biggest advantage of our distribution system is the one hundred percent price stability of our products. This is guaranteed with our direct distribution system. With EISENHORN you will not experience that customers get competent advice from you and then order their equipment somewhere cheaper on the Internet.

Our products are of high quality. EISENHORN sets new standards in terms of exercise variety in a small space combined with elegant design. We work together with partners who can present our products competently. Are you interested? Then we look forward to hearing from you.