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Surprise your customers with the unique EISENHORN and earn good money.

The principle

We sell our products directly to the end customer. As a partner you use our tools (see below) to promote EISENHORN in your community. You will earn a commission on the resulting sales. It is a lucrative add-on business, which you can easily integrate into yours.


You work essentially with two tools, which we put at your disposal. A personal partner link and a personal coupon code. You can use both in combination for your sales promotion. Take your time to read the description to use the tools effectively. This way you will achieve a high conversion rate.

IMPORTANT: It is your own responsibility to ensure that you use the tools and apply them in a goal-oriented manner. A manual assignment of commissions (e.g. on call from you) is not possible.

Your advantages

The direct sales system offers you as a partner many advantages:

  • No administrative effort, because the order processing is done by EISENHORN.
  • You do not need any stock and therefore have no capital commitment and no risk.
  • Price stability (no price war) and no price erosion.
  • Swiss quality product with strong arguments and great buyer potential.
  • Through our recommendation marketing we automatically bring you your next customers.


Your commission is calculated as a percentage of the net invoice amount of the end customer without delivery costs. You can see the list of your commissions at any time in our system.


In order to apply for an EISENHORN partnership, some requirements must be met. Please note the conditions and feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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