Invisible Resistance

The resistance (weight) of the EISENHORN is generated by a gas pressure spring. For the sake of simplicity, we call this a piston. In the following, we will explain to you what great advantages this has compared to the classic training device with weights.

One important piece of information first: if you were to train blindfolded, you would not be able to tell whether you were training on the EISENHORN or on a classic machine. The feeling is identical. The movement feels exactly the same as on the machine with weights.

Resistance Adjustment

The training force is adjusted via twelve force levels. The advantage is that this can be done within a second and completely silently.

This allows resistance forces of between 6 and 110kg to be achieved at the handle bar.

Note that with the optional pulley, the initial force and the gradation can be significantly reduced. This is especially helpful when training small isolated muscle groups.

Force Curve

Training on the EISENHORN offers you a decisive advantage that is otherwise only reserved with expensive special equipment. In the lower levels, the force remains constant over the entire stroke, just as with other devices with weights. From stage 8 onwards, the curve continues to rise. This means that as the stroke increases, the resistance becomes bigger. This corresponds to the requirements of the movement sequences for exercises in the higher resistance range (e.g. basic exercises such as squats or deadlifts). In this way, you achieve a better stimulation of the muscles throughout the entire movement. Your training has significantly more effect.

Explosive Strength

When training explosive movements, the mass inertia is a limiting factor for equipment with weights. Above a certain speed, this can counteract the movement. This limits or negatively influences the training of very rapid successive movements. This is different with the EISENHORN. The force curve is always the same regardless of the exercise speed. This property is very appreciated, for example, by martial artists (training of the punching movement).

Strength Athletes

If you belong to the extreme strength athletes, we do not want to deny you the barbell in any case. However, there are a few tricks that allow you to use the advantages of the EISENHORN without having to do without the very heavy weights (e.g. for squats and deadlifts). Do you feel addressed? Then contact us. We will be happy to explain how it works.