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  • E3 Ohne Zub 1500px
    E3 Mit Griffstange 1500px.NEU
    E3 Mit Band 1500pxl
    E3 Seitlich Blocker Quadrat 1500pxl
    E3 Ruhestand 1500pxl Hell



    All your favorite exercises in one device.

    Hundreds of possibilities including deadlifts, pull-ups, leg press, rowing etc. This innovative Swiss made training device is 360 degrees rotatable in any height and takes almost no space. The resistance is handy and easy to adjust with the gas piston. Depending on your abilities and aims you can choose between 12different levels. (Standard Version includes 16-piston which fits with the needs of 90% of our costumers. Additional 26-piston for professional athletes is available in our webshop.) Blocking function allows you to fix the device for pull-ups or sling training.


    • Aluminium pillar
    • EISENHORN sliding carriage incl. 16-piston
    • Handle bar (beechwood)
    • Blocker
    • Strap

    ATTENTION: Except the orders in Switzerland, the prices are excl. VAT and duty fees. These will be invoiced separately by the importer.

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