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  • EISENHORN Wall Bar

    CHF 1'980

    The “Swiss Army Knife” among the training devices. Foldable and therefore ideal if you want to workout in different places.

    • The exercise possibilities are practically identical to the EISENHORN Slider Bar.
    • Exercises in free angle (or horizontal) you do with the PULLEY .
    • Up to a maximum of 260kg pressure/traction force (with options for even more if you are a professional athlete) !
    • The device is completely blockable for e.g. pull-ups !
    • The accessories shown in the pictures are included in delivery.
    • The easy mounting is even possible on drywall !
    • Screws and dowels are included in delivery.

    The EISENHORN is a Swiss quality product – robust and maintenance-free.

    Customers with a body weight over 100kg, see EISENHORN Wall Bar E !


    Our webshop is designed for international shipping. Please note the net prices shown (exception Switzerland). For more information see -> Price-Tax-Shipping !

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  • Designer Cabinet WB

    CHF 980

    The designer cabinet made of solid natural oak wood is an asset to any living environment. The cabinet floats on the wall without any visible connection. The EISENHORN and all accessories are concealed inside. The unit disappears in a few seconds and is just as quickly ready for use again.

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  • Wall Bar Solo

    CHF 790

    Probably the strongest wall bars in the world. See video below.


    • Wall Bar including screw set for wall mounting
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  • Pulley WB

    CHF 395


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