Slider Bar vs Wall Bar

Stepless turning and sliding versus hangin on fixed rungs.

Modell E versus R

Original Eisenhorn with blocking function versus lightweight construction.

But what consequences does this have and which device do you need for you? Take 10 minutes for the following explanations and get an overview. If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to contact us. We are gladly at your disposal.


The different device models were developed as follows:

E3 Slider Bar

This is the original EISENHORN. This device concept was developed in a period of more than 25 years. The story behind begins in 1987.

R3 Slider Bar

The model R is very close to the model E and was originally (mid 2018) developed specifically for wheelchair users. The main difference is the lightweight construction of the power arm. The difference to the model E3 Slider Bar is the non-existent blocking function.

E3 + R3 Wall Bar

The Wall Bar concept was originally developed as a mobile device for demonstration and training purposes (end of 2018). This resulted in an independent product series. The difference between the E and R models is the same as for the Slider Bar models.


Refers to the exercises 009 , 022 , 030 and 031

E3 Slider Bar und E3 Wall Bar

On the E series models, the device can be completely blocked with the blocker. This allows the above exercises to be performed on the handlebar.

R3 Slider Bar

With the R series models, these exercises can only be performed up to 40 or 60 kg body weight (depending on the choice of piston).

R3 Wall Bar

Analog R3 Slider Bar. However, the above exercises can be performed on the R3 Wall Bar with a side handle on the horn. The advantage is that no blocker is necessary. This exercise is possible with the Wall Bar because the carriage is hooked into a fixed position and cannot turn.

Do not overestimate the blocking function. There are alternatives for all exercises. Example: Pull-ups  ( 030 ) -> Front lat pulldown ( 003 ). Resistance slightly less than the own body weight, but clean execution with fully stretched arms and pulling movement completely to the chest.


Refers to the exercises 007 , 012 , 028 , 032 , 033 , 038 , 039 and 064

Slider Bar

The sliding carriage is infinitely rotatable. The design corresponds to the representation in the exercise database.

Wall Bar

With the Wall Bar the pulley or a rubber band is necessary to perform these exercises.

For many exercises in free angle there are alternative versions in vertical direction.


Refers to the exercises 061063 , 075 , 078 , 095 , 097 and 103

E3 Slider Bar

All exercises are practicable. For most exercises, it is sufficient to set the piston to the highest level of 12. For a few exercises, the blocker must be inserted depending on your own body weight.

R3 Slider Bar

Most of the sling exercises can be performed. A few exercises may only be possible to a limited extent (e.g. 061), depending on the selected piston and your own body weight.

E3 + R3 Wall Bar

The Wall Bar offers extensive possibilities for sling training. The straps are attached directly to the Wall Bar. By hanging the straps at different heights, exercise variants are created which go further than with a standard sling trainer (wall hooks at a fixed height).

Those who like to do body weight exercises will be well served with the Wall Bar. There are no limits to your creativity. The Wall Bar Solo offers beginners a lower-cost starting point, which can later be expanded modularly.


Modelle E3

There are three pistons to choose from:

– Piston E3-12: up to 45kg maximum resistance

– Piston E3-16: up to 60kg maximum resistance

– Piston E3-26: up to 100kg maximum resistance

Modelle R3

There are two pistons to choose from:

– Piston R3-12: up to 45kg maximum resistance

– Piston R3-16: up to 60kg maximum resistance

ATTENTION: the choice of the piston depends (only) on your muscular strength, not on your body weight. In case of doubt, always choose the lower resistance. With 45kg maximum resistance, even an ambitious athlete can do a comprehensive strength training.


If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.