Slider Bar

Wall Bar

Stepless turning and sliding or hanging on fixed rungs.

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Refers to the exercises 007 , 012 , 028 , 032 , 033 , 038 , 039 and 064

Slider Bar

The sliding carriage is infinitely rotatable. The design corresponds to the representation in the exercise database.

Wall Bar

At the Wall Bar, these exercises are performed using the optionally available pulley.


Refers to the exercises 061063 , 075 , 078 , 095 , 097 and 103

Slider Bar

All exercises are practicable. For most exercises, it is sufficient to set the piston to the highest level of 12. For a few exercises, the blocker must be inserted depending on your own body weight.

Wall Bar

The Wall Bar offers extensive possibilities for sling training. The straps are attached directly to the Wall Bar. By hanging the straps at different heights, exercise variants are created which go further than with a standard sling trainer.

Those who like to do body weight exercises will be well served with the Wall Bar. There are no limits to your creativity. The Wall Bar Solo offers beginners a lower-cost starting point, which can later be expanded modularly.


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