you want to be fitter, slimmer, stronger or get more muscles?

We present you with two things that will possibly change your life.

1. EISENHORN, the smartest training device in the world. Bench press, deadlift, squats, shoulder press, pull-ups and hundreds of other exercises on one device.

2. MIKE5, the workout plan with guaranteed success. The shorter you plan your workouts, the more successful you will be in achieving your goals.

We are pretty sure that you have never experienced muscle training in such an efficient way.

Full Body Workout

You workout every muscle on your body in countless different ways.

Easy Handling

You change resistance in seconds and just as fast from one exercise to another.

Minimum Space Requirement

Living room, bedroom or bathroom? The installation is possible everywhere.

Exklusive Design

The EISENHORN can be integrated inconspicuously and elegantly into any living space.

Stylish and space-saving. Work out with a feel-good ambience.

With every movement, you feel the high-quality construction. Even after years of intensive training, it feels as smooth as on the first day. The machine is uncompromisingly designed for durability.

You probably have some questions now. Contact us! We are available for a consultation.

MIKE5 Workout

Ein aus dem Spitzensport abgeleitetes Trainingskonzept mit unschlagbarer Wirkung bei minimalem Zeitaufwand. Optimiert für das Training mit dem EISENHORN.

Take 15 minutes to discover the MIKE5 workout concept.
It may change your life.

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