Unlock a stronger tomorrow

Bringing exercise home to help you get stronger for life.

Made in Switzerland with precision

Over 100 exercises

With the EISENHORN you train every muscle on your body in countless different ways. Some of the exercises are described in the database.

Minimum space requirement

The only device with which you can perform all the basic exercises such as bench press, deadlift, squats, shoulder press, lat and pull-ups on two square meters of floor space.

Easy mounting

The EISENHORN can be mounted on any wall with only six screws. Even drywall and wood walls are no problem.

Optional cable pulley

The cable pulley expands your EISENHORN in seconds into a pulley machine. This allows you to perform completely free and long-stroke movements. The handle height can be adjusted continuously over the entire height of the aluminum column.

Discover why we recommend scheduling just 5 minutes of strength training every day to ensure you reach your goals.

Built to last

Swiss Made

Even after years of intense training, it feels as supple as the first day.

Inspired by natur

Our mountains, nature and lots of fresh air are our sources of inspiration.