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Design cabinet S

US$ 1'005.02
instead of US$ 1'435.74
in a set with EISENHORN

The design cabinet S matching the EISENHORN S with column length 165cm. The design cabinet made of solid finger-jointed oak is an asset to any living landscape. The wood is natural and untreated. Without visible connection, the cabinet floats on the wall. Note that the device and all accessories shown inside are not included with this product.

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The solid oak boards can be left natural or treated as desired. Oak wood, for example, is excellently suited for finishing by oiling. This allows almost any color tone can be achieved. You can find suitable products in any DIY store or at your nearest carpenter.

Choose a place for your training where you like to spend a lot of time. This is the most important condition for regular training. With the noble design cabinet, the EISENHORN can be stylishly integrated into any living ambience. The cabinet is optional and can be retrofitted at any time.

Frequently asked questions about design cabinet

Are the parts for attaching the accessories included in the delivery?

Yes, the mounting parts shown are included in the scope of delivery.

Can I retrofit the designer cabinet at a later date?

The design cabinet is fixed to the top and bottom of the column and can be retrofitted at any time.

Can I build the cabinet myself?

Yes, we offer you the cabinet adapter kit. You can use it to build your own cabinet.

Weight 25.5 kg
Dimensions 200 × 24 × 20 cm

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