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The EISENHORN S plus with the L185 column for tall people (also available as a Black Edition). The scope of delivery includes two straps, the handle bar, the blocker, a snap hook and the standard piston 12, which offers you a maximum weight setting of up to 51 kg. With the additional piston 26 you can increase the training weight up to 112kg.

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For tall people

For tall people, there are two reasons to choose the EISENHORN S plus. Please note that the appropriate room height must be available for this:

1. Reach higher

With the EISENHORN S plus, a handle height (h) of up to 248 cm can be achieved. With the blocker inserted, it is 3 cm more, i.e. 251 cm. This with a mounting height (m) of 40 cm.

EISENHORN Space requirement
shoulder press in front of the head

2. Press higher

In the standing shoulder press, the maximum grip height in the lower starting position is 179 cm. In other words, 20 cm higher than the EISENHORN S.

Weight 19.9 kg
Dimensions 200 × 24 × 20 cm

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