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Note the required room height in the description below, as well as the installation instructions. The scope of delivery includes two grip straps, the grip bar, the blocker, a snap hook and the standard piston 12, which offers you a maximum weight setting of up to 51 kg. With the additional piston 26 you can increase the training weight up to 112 kg.

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* Video contains optional equipment.

With over 100 exercises, the weight station offers you the possibility to train every single muscle in a variety of ways. You can do all the major basic exercises like bench press, squats, deadlifts, shoulder press and pull-ups. The weight is adjusted in seconds and completely silently. “Swiss Made” stands for quality and durability in our products. With every movement you feel the high-quality construction. Even after years of intense training, it feels supple, like the first day. Before and after the workout, the device occupies virtually no space. In 5 seconds it is stowed and just as quickly ready for use again.

Room height

A room height of 206 cm or more is ideal. However, the device can also be mounted lower down if required. With a recommended installation height (m) of 40 cm, the maximum handle height (h) is 228 cm from the floor. With the blocker inserted, it is 3 cm more, i.e. 231 cm. If the room is not that high, it doesn’t matter. The sledge is then simply not pushed all the way to the upper stop. The EISENHORN S plus offers more handle height (h) for taller people.

EISENHORN Space requirement


Mounting is simple and possible even on drywall. The delivery includes intelligent 2-component dowels and the appropriate screws, which can be used in the vast majority of cases. Here you will find detailed instructions for installation.

EISENHORN Space requirement
Weight 19.9 kg
Dimensions 200 × 24 × 20 cm


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