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EISENHORN: Choose color and accessories

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US$ 2'069.52

Included are two grip bands, grip bar, blocker and the standard piston 12, which offers you a maximum weight adjustment up to 51kg. With the additional piston 26 you can increase the training weight up to 112kg.

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Experience the Eisenhorn – the perfect solution for your home workout. This quality product can be easily mounted on any wall and blends harmoniously into your everyday environment. The iron horn is available in two attractive designs. Choose between the elegant, black anodized version, which is an exclusive and unobtrusive eye-catcher in any living space. Or opt for the transparent anodized aluminium version, which conveys a modern yet timeless aesthetic. Both options are designed to suit any living room atmosphere and always look stylish. Whether you want to improve your physical fitness or find a practical and space-saving solution for your home workout, the Eisenhorn will meet all your needs and even exceed your expectations. Get your Eisenhorn now in the color of your choice and experience how fitness and design come together at the highest level.