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STOCK SALE of the version Wall Bar – 50% price advantage

Included are a grip strap, the grip bar and the standard piston 12. This offers you a maximum weight setting up to 51kg. With the additional piston 26 you can increase the training weight up to 112kg (Note -> currently 50% price reduction on piston 26).

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Standard Piston 12

Resistance up to 51kg

Handle bar

Made of high quality wood

Strap Band

Ideal for sling training

[product_specs]The EISENHORN Wall Bar brings the gym into your living room. With over 100 exercises, it gives you the opportunity to train every single muscle in a variety of ways. You can do all the important basic exercises like bench press, squats, lat/row pull, shoulder press and deadlift. The desired weight is set in seconds via 2×12 levels -> with piston 26 to 112kg.
“Swiss Made” stands for quality and durability in our products. With every movement you feel the high-quality construction. Even after years of intensive training, it feels supple, like on the first day. The EISENHORN is delivered including a grip bar and a grip band. Before and after training, the device occupies practically no space. In 5 seconds it is stowed and just as quickly ready for use again. Installation is simple and even possible on drywall. The necessary screws and dowels are included.
The design cabinet WB, the cable pull WB and the piston 26 are available to match the Wall Bar.

Features and differences

  • With the Wall Bar, the sledge is hooked onto the rungs. Accordingly, the main difference is the handling when adjusting from one exercise to the next.
  • The application and exercise variety are practically identical to the current version. Whereby movements in the horizontal direction on the Wall Bar are performed with the optional pulley.

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