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Upgrade 6

US$ 905.94
instead of US$ 1'294.20
Now with a 30% price advantage for existing customers


With Upgrade 6, all previous device generations can be upgraded to the latest version.

Upgrade 6 is compatible with all previous device generations and is supplied with the standard piston 12.

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The Horn 6 combines the best features of all previous versions in one. It has a rectangular cross-section, which converges to an oval shape towards the front. This achieves optimum strength in the direction of compression with simultaneous elastic behavior transverse to the direction of movement. In other words, the perfect conditions for functional training. It is not the equipment that leads the movement, but the exerciser with his body tension.

The effect (compared to the previous device generation 5) is immediately noticeable with every exercise. To keep the movement stable laterally, a higher muscle tension is required. This was achieved thanks to the optimized sledge design. No middle section but reinforced sledge material leads to the desired behavior. Furthermore, the strength in the direction of pressure could be increased once again through the further development of the horn (shape and material).

More advantages

  • New, simpler and patented blocker function through lateral insertion on Horn’s control cam.
  • Due to its lightweight construction (even lighter than Generation 5), it is very pleasant to handle.
  • No more bearing bushes on the piston and therefore no need for spare parts in this area.
  • More stable piston bearing due to wider support of the piston pin on the tooth plates.
  • Finer gradation of weight setting compared to E1 and E2 versions -> 12 instead of 10 force levels.
  • By front side attached loop on the horn, many advantages for various exercises (eg Hackenschmidt 021).
  • Compatible for easy attachment from the pulley compared to the version E1.
Weight 4.8 kg
Dimensions 100 × 300 × 230 cm

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