The Big Advantage

Before and after the training the device occupies practically no space at all.

It can be stowed away in three seconds and is just as quickly ready for use again.

2 Square Meters For 80% Of All Exercises

In an area of ​​1.2m x 1.5m, you can do 80% of the exercises (and that’s quite a few). The wall should be 2.12 meters high. Depending on the circumstances, the device can also be mounted on a wall with a ceiling height of a minimum of 1.9 meters. If possible, choose a place where you feel comfortable or like to spend your time. This is the most important requirement for regular training.

3.5 Square Meters For 100% Of The Exercises

For ideal training we recommend an additional space of 60 cm on either the left or right side. For certain suspension training exercises 60cm extra space forward may be needed.

Choose a place for your training where you like to spend time. With the elegant design cabinet, the EISENHORN can be stylishly integrated into any living ambience. The cabinet is optional and can be retrofitted at any time.