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Minimum space requirement

Before and after training, the device occupies practically no space. In 5 seconds it is stowed and just as quickly ready for use again.

Two square meters

On an area of 1.2m x 1.5m, you can perform 80% of the exercises (and that’s quite a lot). If the possibility exists, an additional free space either to the left or right side is ideal. For certain sling exercises, moreover, to the front, additional 60cm is also optimal.
The ideal room height is 2.14 meters. If necessary, the unit can also be mounted in rooms with a minimum height of 1.9 meters.
The maximum distance from the wall in the parking position is 23cm. The foremost point is the tooth from the horn at the highest strength level.

Plus 2 centimeters

The top edge of the design cabinet is 212cm from the floor. Note that you need an additional 2 centimeters of height for the mounting.
Choose a place for your training where you like to spend time. This is the most important requirement for regular training. With the elegant design cabinet, the EISENHORN can be stylishly integrated into any living ambience. The cabinet is optional and can be retrofitted at any time.