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EISENHORN makes you strong

Our workout devices are described by many athletes as revolutionary. Professional athletes, personal trainers, doctors and physiotherapists are equally enthusiastic about the unique ergonomics and versatility. Let us inspire you:

Nico Müller

DTM Vice Champion: "I am already very enthusiastic about this device. The ease of use, variability and ease of maintenance make training really easy."

Petra Studer

Fitness model and mother of three children: "Having my own gym at home has been a dream of mine for a long time. With the EISENHORN I can do a professional workout in the smallest space and get all my muscles in shape at home. A good investment. The equipment is used daily in our family."

Manuel Guyer

World Champion Natural Bodybuilding and Personal Trainer: "EISENHORN was my salvation in the lockdown. The workouts are unique and give me the opportunity to set new muscle stimuli. Regardless of whether it's speed, muscle building or strength endurance, the EISENHORN is great for the whole body. It's really amazing how much weight the device offers."

Jenny Sapia

European kickboxing champion and yoga instructor: "I like to remember the exact moment when I was able to pick it up for the first time - I was on fire from the first second. I had relatively high expectations and they were definitely exceeded. Quality and functionality are simply top. A complete gym in my home."

Dominique Aegerter

Supersport world champion: "I have an EISNEHORN in my gym since my crash at the Argentina GP in 2015. It is very practical and time saving when you do not need to leave the house for weight training. That is how I have the opportunity to do a few extra training sessions more often."

Rudolf Biedermann

Mountainbiker and sports photo model: "The device is ahead of its time. In terms of strength training, you have everything you need with it. And at home in the living room - simply ingenious. The workmanship and robust construction are worth every penny."

Monique Grossrieder

Professional triathlete, long distance: "The training possibilities with the EISENHORN are very extensive: All body parts can be exercised in a variety of ways in general or sport-specific terms. EISENHORN is optimally adapted to the biomechanics of the human body. I'm excited and train with it almost every day."

Fabian Lüthy

Sports Scientist: "The unique construction of the EISENHORN makes it possible to use exercises in a varied and functional way. Regular functional training at home or during a break from work, is therefore a perfect way to increase strength capacity with minimal time investment. It has great potential..."

Markus Maire

Weightlifting expert and record holder in the Unspun stone thrusting: "The training possibilities with the EISENHORN are very extensive. All parts of the body can be trained in general or sport-specific in a variety of ways. The ergonomics are optimally adapted to the biomechanics of the human body. I am thrilled and train with it almost every day."

Petra Eggenschwiler

World Champion Duathlon Long Distance: "The EISENHORN saves me the trip to the fitness center by public transport. In the strength area, you can really train everything with it and it is set up in no time. I'm thrilled with it and wouldn't give it up."

Stefan Rey

Triathlete and multisport athlete: "The swimming specific strength training with the EISENHORN makes me faster and allows me to swim longer, this easy to use training device allows highly efficient training sessions from beginner to professional."

Nina Radjenovic

Karate european champion U21: "The device has excited me from the first second and is indispensable for me. It is immediately ready for use and offers exercises for the whole body with its countless possibilities. The workout on the EISENHORN is the perfect complement to my sport-specific training. I've had it since the spring of 2020 and it's still as nice and sturdy as when I first got it."

Mike von Grünigen

Double world champion and Swiss ski racing legend: "Ich habe mir im August 2016 ein EISENHORN in meinem Fitnessraum installiert. Ich finde es ist mega cool. Ich kann mit dem EISENHORN jetzt eigentlich das gesamte Konditionstraining abdecken. Stehvermögen, Kraftausdauer, Schnellkraft und Rohkraft - alles dabei."

Carmen Fillistorf

Trainer and fitness model: "After initial skepticism, I am now thrilled with the EISENHORN. The training in the smallest space for the entire body musculature is ingenious. Among my favorite exercises are the countless stabilization exercises with the grip band. I led EISENHORN group classes for years - pure fun."

Heinz Frey

Sports legend with 15 Olympic gold medals: "EISENHORN was love at first sight! I immediately felt that this device supports and promotes my possibilities as a wheelchair user in the best possible way. It is hard to beat in terms of versatility and simplicity - extremely user-friendly and efficient!"

Reto Kirchhofer

Sports physiotherapist: "In my physio practice, I need a space-saving strength machine that I can dose for all levels. From light resistance after surgeries - to load in hypertrophy in athletes. Versatility for upper or lower extremity workouts, as well as trunk, round out the benefits with EISENHORN."

Samira Garius

Voltige elite national squad: "I was very enthusiastic about the EISENHORN right from the start. You can train just about all parts of the body as needed. The whole program in the comfort of your own home - simply super."

Stefan Zbinden

With 105 wreaths the sixth best wreath collector of all time: "I am thrilled with this part. The variety of exercises even in the upper strength range are brilliant! I did not expect this at all when I bought it. Even after many intense hours of training, the EISENHORN still looks like new. Swiss quality, just as promised."

Dr. Med. Christian Larsen

Specialist in functional anatomy and biomechanics: "This is the best innovation since the invention of strength training. In addition to the practice, I also have one at my home. It's popular with patients and staff and in constant use. Our observation: people who previously had little to do with strength training suddenly start doing it... it's amazing... and fun."

Nina Brenn

European duathlon champion and vice world champion duathlon: "A complete weight room in a single machine on 2x2m area at my home! With it I can do short, very efficient strength training much more regularly than before. Brilliant."

Rolf Wermelinger

Duathlete: "The EISENHORN is the ideal training device for me at home. It takes up little space and I save money and time for a gym. The device is very easy to adjust and I can train my muscles of the entire body with the appropriate resistances."

Miroslav Tomasik

Cup winner volleyball: "For me it was the best purchase decision. Perfect for working out at home. The device does not take much space and it is very easy to adjust it for the different exercises. I am very satisfied and will definitely recommend it. I can't live without EISENHORN anymore ;-)."

Yann Schrag

Junior ski racer: "I started training on the EISENHORN when I was seven years old. Until today it is my daily companion for strength training. It is very practical to have the device installed at home. The training can be varied enormously - including all the basic exercises. That's brilliant."

Christoph Bieri

Northwestern swiss wrestling: "I installed it in my living room in April 2016 - after all, it's quite space-saving, quickly ready for use, almost infinitely versatile and also suitable for high loads. Besides, it looks very stylish."

Martina Strähl

World champion in mountain running: "Simply brilliant. I don't know what more I can say about it. I can work out every muscle just like I used to on other equipment. Only now I do it in the comfort of my own home. I save an enormous amount of time and can plan the workout flexibly."

Andy Sutz

ITU World Champion Duathlon Long Distance: "It is unbelievable how versatile the device can be used. Especially the supporting muscles, which are not sufficiently trained during endurance training, can be promoted very effectively. But also the maximum strength in the sport-specific muscles. I can only highly recommend it to everyone."

Monika Dummermuth

Coach and former world cup racer: "The clever design with the simple operation is ingenious. It is also excellent for the junior athlete who does not yet have the sound training in strength and conditioning. It is very easy to gain initial experience and then increase. A top training device for beginners to professional athletes."