Explained on the E3 Slider Bar

The EISENHORN E3 Slider Bar is a training device for professional use. It is used in physiotherapies, gyms, companies, hotels and also in the private sector. The differences to the other models are described in the productfinder.

Monique Grossrieder

Professional triathlete, long distance "The training possibilities with the EISENHORN are very extensive: All body parts can be exercised in a variety of ways in general or sport-specific terms. EISENHORN is optimally adapted to the biomechanics of the human body. I'm excited and train with it almost every day."

Mat Rebeaud


Top nortwest Swiss wrestler "I mounted it in my living room in April 2016 - it saves a lot of space, can be used quickly, is infinitely versatile, suitable for heavy loads, and looks very stylish."


Sports Physiotherapist, Lucerne Outpatient rehabilitation and therapy. "The tremendous versatility and ease-of-use / handling of the device is well-received by our patients and clients of all ages, and we appreciate its noiseless use in our vital physiotherapy"


"EISENHORN was love at the first sight! I immediately sensed that this device supports and enhances my possibilities as a wheelchair user in a best way - it is hard to beat in terms of versatility and simplicity - extremely user-friendly and efficient!"


Swiss motorcycle racer "I have an EISNEHORN in my gym since my crash at the Argentina GP in 2015. It is very practical and time saving when you do not need to leave the house for weight training. That is how I have the opportunity to do a few extra training sessions more often."


"This is the best innovation since the invention of strength training. I have it in our practice in Zurich since 2015 and then also at my home. It is in continuous use of our patients and staff. People who were not used to weight training suddenly start with it…that really amazes… and makes you happy."


Former Swiss ski racer "I mounted it in my gym in August 2016. I think it's super cool, I can now cover the entire fitness training with the EISENHORN - stamina, endurance, speed and raw power - all just with one beautiful device."


"The swimming specific strength training with the EISENHORN makes me faster and allows me to swim longer, this easy to use training device allows highly efficient training sessions from beginner to professional."

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Mike Stuart

Head of Sales , Intel


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"Ich habe seit meinem Sturz beim GP von Argentinien 2015, ein EISENHORN in meinem Trainingsraum. Ist eben schon ziemlich praktisch, wenn man für das Krafttraining nicht irgendwohin fahren muss. So habe ich auch die Möglichkeit öfter mal eine kurze zusätzliche Trainingseinheiten zu machen.

Dominique Aegerter, Schweizer Motorradprofi

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