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Sumo deadlifts with bar


Lock the sledge so that the bar is at mid-shin level.


Stand behind the bar and go into the squat position with a wide stance. The shin is almost touching the bar. Grasp the bar with a narrow grip. During the entire exercise the back is slightly hollowed. The head forms an extension of the spine. Always keep the back unter tension.


Keep the arms extended the whole time as you rise. Your legs and lower back muscles provide the force for the movement. In the end position, the shoulders are pulled back but not raised.


Only the legs and lower back do the work in this exercise.




The movement sequence is somewhat complex. It is best to learn the sequence first with little weight. It can help to film yourself doing it. If in doubt, consult a personal trainer with the video.

Sumo deadlift deadlifts with bar

Basic exercise for legs and back

EISENHORN is the ideal device for training the back, leg and gluteus muscles in the home gym. There are different variations and alterantives of deadlifts. Further effective possibilities for training basic exercises and more on the EISENHORN can be found in the exercise database. The filter function enables easy filtering according to the preferred muscle group to be primarily targeted during training.

The essential 

EISENHORN is the compact strength station for your home gym that provides beginners, pros and everyone in between with hundreds of workout options with weights from 4-112 kg.

Full-body training on the EISENHORN

With EISENHORN you train like on a classic machine with weight plates. In particular, you can perform all the classic basic exercises with EISENHORN, just like with a barbell. Basic exercises (“BIG 5”) are the basis of any efficient strength training due to the complex movement sequences.


You can order your EISENHORN conveniently in our online shop and have it delivered directly to your home. We deliver internationally directly from our factory in Switzerland.

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