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With over 100 exercises, the EISENHORN offers you the possibility to train every single muscle in a variety of ways. You can do all the important basic exercises such as bench presses, squats, deadlifts, shoulder presses, lat pulls and rowing pulls. The weight is adjusted in seconds and completely silently.

Invisible weight

The training weight is generated by a gas pressure spring. We call these a piston for simplicity’s sake. The adjustable weights (4 to 112kg) are described below.

Two pistons

The weight is adjusted via 2×12 levels. The standard piston 12 offers up to 51kg, the stronger piston 26 up to 112kg. The change takes place in a few seconds.

Finer with pulley

With the optional pulley, the weight and gradation can be significantly reduced. This is especially helpful when training small isolated muscle groups.

More effect

The patented system offers a decisive advantage that is otherwise only reserved for expensive special equipment. In the lower levels (1-7) the weight is constant during the movement. This is exactly the same as on other machines with weight plates. From level 8 onwards, the weight increases slightly during the movement. This corresponds to the requirements of the movement sequences for exercises with higher weights (e.g. basic exercises such as squats). This way you achieve a better stimulation of the muscles over the entire range of motion and thus a higher effect with every workout.