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The invisible weight

The weight on the EISENHORN is generated by a gas pressure spring. For simplicity’s sake, we call this a piston. The weight generated by the piston feels exactly the same as on a classic device with weight plates. That is, they are kilos in both concentric and eccentric directions.
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Weight adjustment within seconds and completely silent

The quick adjustability of the weight (4 – 112kg) offers enormous advantages during training. If you are an ambitious athlete, you will be familiar with the topic of reduction sets. On the EISENHORN, this highly effective method becomes child’s play even for beginners. A nice side effect is that the adjustment is completely noiseless.

Expandable for ambitious athletes

The training weight can be adjusted via 2×12 levels. The standard piston 12 offers 4 to 51kg, the stronger piston 26 up to 112kg weight. The change takes place in a few seconds.

Even finer adjustable with cable pull

With the optional cable pull, the weight can be adjusted in even finer steps. This is especially helpful when training small isolated muscle groups.

Train like the pros

The patented system includes a function that is otherwise only reserved for expensive special equipment. Have you ever heard of variable weight?
Manuel Guyer – World Champion Natural Bodybuilding
Are you an ambitious strength athlete and want to know what Manuel Guyer is talking about? Then we recommend you read on.