The shorter you plan your workout, the greater your success.

First of all: if you have read the following pages, talk to the fittest athlete you know. Preferably a professional athlete who really has an idea. He will confirm the contents to you. Our MIKE5 training concept is absolutely unique. However, the individual elements are anything but new. The concept is based on scientific findings that have been known for decades. You will understand that it is really important to schedule only 5 minutes per day if you want to get the best possible results. Note, however, that it only works if all the factors described below are intertwined.

It’s all about the right exercises, the intensity and regularity of the workouts. Other important factors are periodization, efficiency and the motivation that can be influenced. MIKE5 combines the most important principles of the training theory so cleverly that nothing stands in the way of your strength increase, taut muscles, less body fat and a strong back.

Take time to read all four pages below. You will discover a workout concept that will possibly change your life.