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How it works

EISENHORN: Strength training revolutionized – flexible, compact, efficient!

No more long journeys and awkward weight changes. With your personal EISENHORN home gym you can enjoy highly effective training and stylish design, right at home. Experience the perfect balance of aesthetics, function and comfort. Suitable for beginners and professionals alike.

24 / 7

Enjoy the freedom to work out whenever you want. Around the clock.

All in One

A training tool with everything you need for an effective workout.

Only 2m2

Before and after the workout, the device occupies virtually no space.

“I had not experienced this feeling of pressure with any other device!”

Manuel Guyer

Bodybuilding World Champion

Eisenhorn Strength Station Home Gym. Strength training revolutionized. Training at home.


Personalize your EISENHORN. Choose from elegant aluminum or timeless black, complement with a stylish designer cabinet and optional pulley. Increase the training weight up to 112 KG with the optional piston 26.

Makes athletes strong

Loved by athletes, designed for peak performance

Dominique Aegerter
Petra Stuter
Manuel Guyer
Heinz Frey
Nico Müller
Dominique Aegerter
Petra Studer
Manuel Guyer
Heinz Frey
Nico Müller
Eisenhorn Strength Station Home Gym. Strength training revolutionized. Training at home.

Need even more power?

Discover the EISENHORN DS – the ultimate power machine!

  • up to 224kg training weight
  • Significantly more effective than conventional devices thanks to variable weight
  • Minimal space requirement and stowed away and ready for use within seconds
  • asynchronous left / right movement guidance for complex movement patterns in athletic training
  • train in pairs with lightning fast exercise changes
  • Can also be mounted on lightweight walls

Free Shipping to many Countries

30 days money back guarantee

5 years factory warranty

built to last

With every movement, you feel the high-quality construction. Even after years of intensive strength training, it feels as supple as on the first day. An investment for life.

Invisible weight

The patented system includes a function which is otherwise only reserved for expensive special devices. Have you ever heard of variable weight?

Real experience, real results

Learn how EISENHORN has revolutionized our customers’ training.

MIKE5 Workout

There is more to life than training, but training brings more to your life. Schedule 5 minutes of strength training every day and achieve more than ever before.