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The home gym for

Full body workout the back your sixpack squats your bench press the biceps curls abdominal training your hip thrusts belly butt thigh Hamstrings your triceps calf training Leg Press your deadlift shoulder press the lat pulldown pulley exercises


Enjoy the freedom to workout whenever you want.

All in one

A training device with everything you need for an effective workout.

Only 2m space required

Before and after training, the device occupies practically no space.

swiss made

Suitable for beginners and professionals alike


Version with noble, black anodised column. The home gym for your living room.

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makes athletes strong stronger strongest

Dominique Aegerter

Supersport world champion: "I have an EISNEHORN in my gym since my crash at the Argentina GP in 2015. It is very practical and time saving when you do not need to leave the house for weight training. That is how I have the opportunity to do a few extra training sessions more often."

Petra Studer

Fitness model and mother of three children: "Having my own gym at home has been a dream of mine for a long time. With the EISENHORN I can do a professional workout in the smallest space and get all my muscles in shape at home. A good investment. The equipment is used daily in our family."

Manuel Guyer

"The feeling on the EISENHORN is simply unique. The strength curve on the upper weight levels gives me the opportunity to set new muscle stimuli. I still remember the first time I did the bench press. I had sore muscles for almost a week afterwards. It was an incredible muscle stimulus that I hadn't experienced before."

Nina Radjenovic

Karate european champion U21: "The device has excited me from the first second and is indispensable for me. It is immediately ready for use and offers exercises for the whole body with its countless possibilities. The workout on the EISENHORN is the perfect complement to my sport-specific training. I've had it since the spring of 2020 and it's still as nice and sturdy as when I first got it."

Nico Müller

DTM Vice Champion: "I'm very enthusiastic about this device. The ease of use and versatility make training really easy."

Carmen Fillistorf

Trainerin und Fitness Model: "Das Training auf kleinstem Raum für die gesamte Körpermuskulatur ist genial. Zu meinen Lieblingsübungen gehören die unzähligen Stabilisationsübungen mit dem Griffband. Ich habe jahrelang EISENHORN-Gruppenkurse geleitet - Fun pur."

Yann Schrag

Junior ski racer: "I started training on the EISENHORN when I was seven years old. Until today it is my daily companion for strength training. It is very practical to have the device installed at home. The training can be varied enormously - including all the basic exercises. That's brilliant."

Martina Strähl

Weltmeisterin im Berglauf: "Einfach nur genial. Ich weiss gar nicht, was ich dazu mehr sagen kann. Ich kann jeden Muskel genau so trainieren wie ich es früher von anderen Geräten kannte. Nur mache ich das jetzt bequem zu Hause. Ich spare enorm Zeit und kann das Training flexibel planen."

Nico Müller

DTM Vizemeister und Audi Werkspilot: “Bin vom diesem Gerät enorm begeistert. Die einfache Nutzung und die Vielseitigkeit machen einem das Training echt leicht.”

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MIKE5 Workout

There's more to life than working out, but working out brings more to your life. Schedule 5 minutes of strength training every day and achieve more than ever before.


Built to last

With every movement, you feel the high-quality construction. Even after years of intense training, it feels as supple as the first day. An investment for life.

Invisible WEIGHT

The training weight is generated by a gas pressure spring. We call these pistons for simplicity. The weight is adjustable from 4 to 112kg.